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2017 Top 10 Restaurants with the best food
"Among the possibilities, we've enjoyed the pork showcasing various textures and tastes with a small bite of porchetta, pork belly and loin with mushrooms and chanterelle purée made from mushrooms foraged on the farm."
The Tennessean 2016
Flyte stays contemporary with memorable, unique dishes
"Stallard demonstrates a deft hand in its crafting, whether the pasta is cut, rolled, tossed or stuffed. On one occasion, we had black truffle-ricotta-filled agnolotti in a rich sherry cream sauce with English peas and foraged mushrooms. On another, it was curls of ricotta cavatelli tossed with cipollini onion, basil pesto and impossibly light Italian sausage meatballs. Both were blissful."
"Farm-to-table" ingredients turn up in "excellent, inventive cuisine" matched with "a wonderful wine list" at this "high-end" Gulch American; "modern but warm" surrounds and "knowledgeable servers" ready with "recommendations for pairings" are part of the top-flyte experience that makes it one of "the most sought-after reservations" in town.
Men's Journal
The 10 Best Restaurants for Decadent Desserts in America
"Flyte, located in Nashville and in operation since 2006, is one of the city’s most acclaimed restaurants. Their entrees compliment meat and seafood with meticulously chosen vegetable accompaniment, and their desserts take on a similarly flavorful approach. "
The Tennessean
"New chefs inject 'Flyte' with fresh vitality"
Written by
Nancy Vienneau
Now on board, a flyte of chefs: Matthew Lackey, his sous Matt Bolus and Tony Galzin. Under the guidance of this ensemble, beautiful food takes flight.
Nashville Scene
Best of Nashville 2010 - Readers Poll

"#1 - Best Service in a Restaurant
"#1 - Best Wine List in a Restaurant"
"#2 - Best (Most Original) Menu
"#3 - Best Restaurant"
"#2 - Best Restaurant Ambience"
"#3 - Best Wine Bar"
"#3 - Best Happy Hour"

Nashville Foodies
"When I think back to our time at Flyte, I am struck by how comfortable we were there. The gentle atmosphere of comfy seating, soft lights, and helpful service really made us relax and we went away plotting when we?ll go back."
Nashville Lifestyles
"2010 Best Restaurants"
"Critics Pick" Nashville
"Enjoy a Healthy Happy Hour at Flyte"
"...the perfect time to indulge in items from Flyte?s lounge and antipasto menu..."
Nashville Scene
"Time of Arrival"
"Such transportation is a rare accomplishment for a dining experience, and that spirit of whimsy?layered with culinary skill and attention to detail?should attract many a frequent flier."
Nashville Scene
Best of Nashville 2009

"#1 - Best Service
"#1 - Best Restaurant Decor"
"#3 - Best Restaurant in Davidson County"
"#3 - Best (Most Original) Menu
"#2 - Best Wine List in a Restaurant"
"#2 - Best Wine Bar"
"#2 - Best Bartender: Doc Downs"

Nashville Lifestyles
Best Restaurants 2009

"#3 - Best of the Best"
"#1 - Best Service
"#1 - Most Interesting Wine List"
"#2 - Most Decadent Desserts"

Nashville Scene
Best of Nashville 2008

"#2 - Best Restaurant in Davidson County"
"#2 - Best (Most Original) Menu
"#2 - Best Wine List in a Restaurant"
"#2 - Best Service in a Restaurant"
"#2 - Best Wine Bar"
"#3 - Best Restaurant Decor"
"#3 - Best Bartender: Doc Downs"

Nashville Scene
Best of Nashville 2007
"#1 - Best New Restaurant"
"#2 - Best Wine List"
"#3 - Best Waiter"
"#3 - Best Wine Bar"
Editor's Pick:
"Best New Concept"
"Recently, plates are more melting pots of various regions, as well as laboratories for gastro-science. Kitchen pilot Bobby Benjamin is taking diners on an epicurean loop-de-loop."
"Restaurant Wine Prices"
Flyte ranks among Nashville's most reasonably priced wine lists.
Nashville Lifestyles
"Flyte Worthy"
"...less than four months after its debut Flyte is so fully realized in its concept and execution and presents such a beautifully balanced triptych of food, drink and service that it has already captured a place on the select list of the city's best restaurants."
Nashville Scene
"Testing Their Wings"
"Even with a packed dining room and bar, service was nearly flawless. The menu opens strong with playful appetizers that set a high bar for the dinner...the main course lived up to the expectations the starters set."
Nashville Citysearch
"#1 New Restaurant of 2006"
"Restaurant and wine bar serves global cuisine and drink to a downtown crowd in a comfortable, yet refined atmosphere."
Hotels By
"Best Restaurants in Nashville"
"If the restaurant scene of Nashville was cast as your senior class, Flyte would be the handsome loner who drove a ?69 Camaro and got straight A?s without ever showing up to class. Flyte ignores formulaic popularity and achieves genuine cool; edgy yet graceful, not always perfect, but never boring."